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The multi-hyphenate Tozzi duo are strong, driven, independent and loving.
The sisters radiate beauty from the inside out, with their genuine and caring nature. Cheyenne a model, singer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Tahyna an actress, writer, director and producer. But, most importantly both are loving mothers. 
We recently spent the afternoon together at Cheyenne’s Cronulla house talking all things motherhood. 
Our interview is raw and honest focusing on the day to day challenges of motherhood. 

Tahyna’s documentary ‘MuM’ was recently released in Australia, sharing her personal story of miscarriage and understanding the physical, emotional and psychological impacts. 

Cheyenne has always had a heart for philanthropy and started working with the UN four years ago, focussing on women’s rights around the world and in Australia. Later she joined For you Haiti which supports children living below the poverty line in La Gonâve Haiti. 

" I was able to contribute to purchasing land and building a school for these innocent children who have so little. With no access to education, food, they have no parents or family and no medical support. It just makes you feel like an asshole for caring about such minuscule things when children are starving". 

Cheyenne’s work with For You Haiti has seen two classrooms built, in addition to an on-site medical room and a toilet block (with running water); and the land behind the school has been secured for expansion. Her commitment saw 100 students enrolled within 3 months and 5 local Haitians employed. 
One of Cheyenne’s focus’ for the future includes access to clean water, at this stage people are forced to walk for miles to find water. The lack of access to clean water stems into various health related problems and diseases in adults and children. The project would include the installation of two water tanks to supply drinking water for the target population.

Per La Mammas Cheyenne and Tahyna Tozzi

I’ve personally never experienced miscarriage, but I have had family and close friends who unfortunately have. During those times I never knew what to say or how to help. 
Tahyna was able to share that insight so as a community we have the understanding of loss and how to provide support. 

"My advice would be to listen and offer your love and support even if the woman/parents experiencing the loss may not show their grief on the surface. It is often a confusing and traumatic time with many layers."

What is your advice on what not to do? I’m sure I myself have been guilty at many a times of not saying or being as supportive as I could or even asking the wrong questions.
It’s easy to panic and in trying to say the right thing and be supportive we minimise the grief and loss . A mistake often made is to dismiss the feelings involved . Words like “at least” or “don’t worry “ are usually not the best phrases to use when speaking to those experiencing loss.

You support Pink Elephants Support Network; which I don’t think gets nearly enough support or coverage. What can we do to support these families, not only financially but physically?  
The Pink Elephants Support Network are a wonderful organisation and have created such a safe place for families as well as champion changes within legislation and the medical community. They definitely need more support and by simply pledging or donating to their organisation will benefit so many. Joining their peer support program can also help with the community they are building.

I can only imagine how it may have effected your marriage. What are your tips for anyone that may be going through a loss to work with their partner and support each other during this time? 
Definitely communicate and know you will both experience the loss in your own way and that’s okay. Just be willing to listen to each other.

Mammas, want to help? Get involved? Educate yourself?

‘Mum’ is available to watch now on Stan, HERE is a link to the trailer. 

LEARN MORE about The Pink Elephant Support Network. 

LEARN MORE about For You Haiti. 

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