Ciao Roxie

Ever wondered why some of your manifestations come to fruition and others don’t?! That was my hot question for Self Development Coach and Manifesting Expert Roxie Nafousi. 

"Remove fear and doubt"... According to the expert, once we tap into the self-conscious we're able to identify the fear and doubt and where it's stemming from, then we're able to work on healing and removing them.

Roxie is an optimistic burst of sunshine, the London based mamma of Wolfe has a huge instagram following and holds self-development workshops and retreats weekly. 

The ‘Mantra Queen’ shares the importance of personal affirmations and how simply we can incorporate them into our lives to create a shift. 

In this week’s episode Roxie shares her insight into motherhood, her tips on self love, importance of self care and incorporating meditation into our day with ease. 

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